Friday Night Family Style Fish Fry

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Family Style Fish Fry

When it comes to our popular

Friday Night Family Style Fish Fry

Many have asked us: Why do you offer a family style fish fry? Why is your fish fry so good? We welcome these questions and will do our best to answer both of them.

As chef’s we love to entertain both at the hotel and at home.
That is probably one of the many reasons that this property is so fun for us. Great wines, excellent food, and amazing company are always in high supply and reason in itself to celebrate. In the warmer months of Wisconsin; dining outside and cooking over a fire seems natural and an easy and great way to cook for a group of friends when being present and spending time with everyone is what we are really looking forward to.  This type of weather sets the stage for us to invite over friends and family to our house to eat outside and enjoy a Fish Fry.  

Setting the outside table adds to the festivity

Having cold craft beer close at hand is key to success.

Sitting and enjoying while things heat up gives us time to catch up with loved ones









When planning for these dinners it really comes to having done all the prep ahead of guests arriving so that the oil stays hot and everyone can enjoy eating as much as they want.

The menu is rather simple; Warm Marinated Olives & Grilled Wisconsin Brie with Blueberry Lavender Compote are perfect appetizers to serve while the coals heat up and the chilled Rose & cold Craft Beers are easily enjoyed.

Panko Breaded Atlantic Cod is really the main attraction and the best quality you are able to attain the better your fish fry will be. We are fortunate to have great fishmongers both right here in Plymouth with: Plymouth Springs Fish Co. and in Sheboygan with: Schwarz Fish Company, and their quality is impeccable. Real Fries accompany the cod as well as Cole Slaw, Tartar Sauce, Rye Bread & Butter, Lemon Wedges, and of course Ronna’s Cookies for dessert.

Once the prep is done and the fire is lit, we can relax until the guests arrive.




Once the fire is going it’s time to get the oil hot. We simply place the cast iron pot on a grate over the fire slowly bringing up the temperature until it reaches 350 degrees. This takes some repositioning of the burning logs to get the heat we need without overheating the oil.

While the oil is heating this is the perfect time to warm the Olives and grill the Triple Cream Wisconsin Brie. This is also the perfect time to sit and relax and watch the kids play.


                                                   Grilled Schroeder Kase Triple Cream Wisconsin Brie with Warm Lavender Compote.

Warm Marinated Olives are easy to heat up over the fire and perfect to enjoy on this warm Wisconsin evening.



















While the kids are playing

and the appetizers are being enjoyed

I like to fry up the fries

before I start to fry up the fish.


Checking the heat of the oil is key to a crispy fry. I carefully toss the potatoes into the hot oil and adjust the heat with hot coals until they are crispy and golden, and then I drain them on a towel.


There is something about the sound of tossing crispy fries in a bowl while seasoning them with sea salt that really does it for me.

Now for the main attraction… The Cod. The best quality cod is really what this is about and having lived in Norway for some years we can easily attest that we are fortunate to be able to get incredible Atlantic Cod right here in Plymouth, Wi. Once we have our cod, we simply portion it, season it with salt and pepper, and bread it with flour, eggs, and panko-panko.

The oil is hot and now we are ready to cook.

Carefully drop in the breaded cod in batches, enough to fill the pot with room for fish to have space between for the oil to stay hot and bubbly.

Pull the cod when it is golden, crispy, and cooked through… Now we can eat.

With the table set all we need to do is set out the filled platters, open more wine, more beer, more drinks for the kids, and enjoy.


With our Fish Fry’s being an excellent way to casually entertain at home and spend time with the people we love, we are able to bring this experience to our guests that come to The Fig and The Pheasant on Fridays when they can enjoy our

Friday Night Family Style Fish Fry

It is on these nights at the hotel when we re-create our home style Fish Fry with Platters of Crispy Cod, Bowls of Fries, Chips, Coleslaw, Tartar, & Lemon and plenty of Rye Bread & Butter, and of course Ronna’s Cookies… and just like at our home it is all you can eat.


If you would like to make a dinner reservation please call The Fig and The Pheasant and you could speak with Ronna or myself and we are happy to assist you. 920.893.0552

We hope to see you soon.

Thank you to Sean Hughes for the amazing photography and the amazing tastings of Craft Beers that accompanied our evening.

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